Vienna Philharmonic is raising new generations to inherit its legacy

Students of the Vienna Philharmonic are young and ambitious. They strive for perfection. They come from far away to play at one of the most famous institutions in the world.

So what does it look like to be a student of the prestigious Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra Academy?

Vienna Philharmonic focuses on new generations with its academy offering a special and versatile program.

The Academy accepts more than ten students. Students spend two years here to embrace the Orchestra’s traditions and playing style.

Michael Bladerer, the founder of the Academy, said, “The most important thing is to play in the Orchestra because this is where something is passed on and inherited. The lessons given by a colleague every week are of course very, very important. Chamber music is also effective when there is no conductor in front of you because suddenly when You understand when you have to take responsibility, when to delegate, and when to listen to each other.” he speaks.

Benjamin Morrison, principal violinist of the Vienna Philharmonic, said: “I think it’s our responsibility to share with them what we’ve learned in the past, not just by playing with them, but also by giving them tips and helping them become independent musicians.” says.

At the heart of all this is the desire to achieve perfection. Students have the opportunity to play with the legendary Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra around the world.

As the orchestra looks to the future and defends contemporary music, students have the unique opportunity to perform with Tomas Ades, one of the most successful composers of his generation.

One of the students, Daniel, said, “As a young trumpet player, the most important point for me was to play with the conductor and the orchestra. Because I think you learn the most while playing in the orchestra.” he speaks.

Lucas Stratmann from New York is part of the next generation with high hopes. But becoming a professional musician is not an easy career choice.

Stratmann said, “The world of classical music is very competitive and it’s easy to get caught up in it. I had some doubts when I was probably around 14 or 15. Will I be able to make a real career here? Can I go on stage? What am I going to do with music? I mean, I love music. Being here is a career in music. He assured me that I could do it.” uses expressions.

Students meet with the best

During their time at the academy, students not only get the chance to experience legendary conductors on stage, they also discover them personally at introductory meetings.

Sometimes they become part of historical moments, such as the world premiere at the symbolic Sagrada Familia.

From one incredible experience to the next… Lucas and Katharina soak up the atmosphere of Vienna’s Schönnbrunn Palace before one of the most impressive concerts of their young careers, the Summer Night Concert, where the Orchestra shares their passion for music.

Katharina says that her biggest dream is to be in an orchestra, to be able to play the oboe in the orchestra. For him, of course, the best would be the Vienna Philharmonic.

Lucas describes his experiences of his life in Vienna, saying, “Playing at the Vienna Philharmonic is much more than I ever imagined. When I came here, I saw how much everyone enjoyed playing in the Orchestra and how determined they were to perform music and art so beautifully. And that fueled my passion for music.” describes as.

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