Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra fascinated with Summer Night Concert

We are at the Summer Night Concert with the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. We are embarking on a musical journey around the world.

Conductor Daniel Harding was one of the names that brightened the night: “After a year when everyone’s ability to travel and visit other countries, have different experiences, was really limited, we used music to remind us how beautiful it is. All over Europe, from America, We chose a musical program with composers from Russia, and finally, thanks to Gustav Holst, we even went beyond our planet, to Jupiter, which is described as bringing joy “

Pianist Igor Levit plays at the Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna on the Paganini theme by Sergei Rachmaninov: “There are some humorous places here and there, but it’s pretty brutal… we all know the very famous 18th variation, which is very affectionate, daring and emotional. . The piece is totally witty but not in a funny sense, moreover on the bad side… First of all, this piece is very fun to play.”

The unique sound of the Vienna Philharmonic combines with incredibly talented musicians, unusual instruments and the orchestra’s star-studded heritage.

Daniel Froschauer, Head of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra: “If you had played in our orchestra in 1875, Verdi’s Aida would have been on your list and Richard Wagner’s ‘Dawn of the Gods’ would have been on your list. We premiered Brahms’ symphonies. Mahler, Gustav Mahler, was our opera director, so all these names form and shape our voice. This voice is in our collective memory and is passed on from generation to generation.”

Daniel Harding, conductor: “Like a great car, it’s a dangerous orchestra to drive because they’ll instantly react to anything you do. As a conductor they’ll give you the world if you can get it right and dance with them in a way that works, and they’re a dangerous beast if you get it wrong. “

A Strauss waltz concert ends, it’s time to return to Vienna and home after the longed-for journey.

Igor Levit, Pianist: “No one came out uninjured this year, and that’s why I miss my home and the people I truly love.”

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