Vienna, the capital of Austria, opened an account on OnlyFans, where pornographic content is shared.

Vienna, the capital of Austria, became a member of OnlyFans, where pornographic content is shared.

London-based OnlyFans requires a paid membership and often showcases nude photos.

Thus, account holders (content producers) can earn money through their ‘fans’.

The city’s tourism board also opened an account on OnlyFans to “attract more tourists to Vienna” and “take a bold stance” regarding the place of nude art in Western culture.

In its own account, the tourism board initially uploaded photos of nude muses in museums in the city, painted to the liking of the Italian painter and sculptor Modigliani.

OnlyFans announced a plan to ban “adult” content from its platform this summer, but this step has sparked fierce debate on social media between the site and users.

The site had given up on this decision after the reactions of ‘content producers’ and ‘fans’.

The Vienna Tourism Board, which took its place on the platform with the ‘Vienna Strips on OnlyFans’ initiative, claims that art galleries have repeatedly opposed Facebook and Instagram’s strict censorship rules for human nudity.

However, OnlyFans, owned by pornographer Leo Radvinsky, may be the only social media network where the Vienna Tourist Board can showcase nude artworks uncensored.

“Algorithms determine how much nudity can be displayed on social media, and they often censor world-famous works of art,” said Norbert Kettner, director of the Vienna Tourism Board. says.

“We’re questioning the question of who can decide how much nudity we can tolerate and what we find offensive.” Says Kettner, in the cultural metropolis of Vienna, this question can be answered: ‘Naked art is a socio-political and artistic part of cultural history’.

OnlyFans will showcase + 18 masterpieces from museums such as the Albertina Museum in Vienna, the Leopold Museum, the Museum of Natural History Vienna, the Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien in Vienna.

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