We are a big and rich country with differences.

Speaker of the Parliament Mustafa Sentop“None of us should have any doubt that our state will catch up with these poor people who think that they can cause an Alawite-Sunni conflict and disrupt our brotherhood and peace.” said.

Şentop said that the holy month of Muharram, which is considered the month of Rahman, has been reached in the Muharram Month Iftar Program held in a hotel in the city.

Şentop stated that they are happy to be together with people coming from Alevi, Bektashi dervish lodges and cemevis in all districts of Tekirdağ and continued as follows:

“I pray to God that the atmosphere of love and tolerance that we have created here tonight will be experienced in every corner of our country and in every corner of the Islamic world. Dear friends, dear souls, first of all, before we start talking, we have three different cemevis in Ankara on the first day of Muharram, the Hijri New Year, last week. I would like to once again share my sadness over the attack. Two days ago, the Vice President of the Alevi Foundations Federation and the President of Kartal Cemevi, Selami Sarıtaş, was attacked in front of his house. I condemn these heinous attacks and convey my best wishes. I met with grandfather Selami yesterday, get well soon and get well soon. I conveyed my best wishes to him. Thankfully, he is in good health.”

“As a state and a nation, we are an inseparable whole”

Şentop stated that those who want to disrupt the unity and solidarity in the country cannot achieve this.

“None of us should have any doubt that our state will catch up with these poor people who think that they can cause an Alawite-Sunni conflict and destroy our brotherhood and peace.” Şentop said, “As a state and a nation, we are always an inseparable whole. Those who want to sow seeds of disunity here should know that no sectarian hatred will come out of this country. Our nation has the experience and maturity to see those games and those traps and bury them in the ground.” used the phrases.

Emphasizing that right-wing, left-wing, Alevi, Sunni, Turkish, Kurdish, secular and Muslim people in Turkey are prudent, Şentop made the following assessments:

“The last time we saw the FETO members. No one could and will not divide this nation, God willing. We are always on the alert against the planners of the games that took place before. Now, I want everyone to know that nothing but brotherhood and solidarity will emerge from the differences of this country, and that we are full of these conflicts. “We will never break our brotherhood, unity and integrity. We are a big and rich country with its differences, but also very rich.”

Şentop stated that the 1444th year of the Migration of the Prophet Muhammad, who was sent as a guide to humanity 10 days ago, from Mecca to Medina has been reached, and said:

“With that holy migration that took place 1444 years ago, the voice of those who defended light against darkness, day against night, freedom against bondage, love against hatred, and a new era in the history of humanity has begun. We evaluate the month of Muharram with this understanding and consciousness. This month, in which it is recommended to stay away from behaviors that make humanity unhappy such as hatred, war, is the month of call to unity and brotherhood. The bite of Ashura and Muharram is a call to love, respect, and sharing. Karbala and Muharram are the days of unity. I commemorate the beloved grandson of our Prophet, Hussein, and the souls who were martyred in Karbala with him, with mercy, on the anniversary of their martyrdom.”

Tekirdağ Governor Aziz Yıldırım, AK Party Tekirdağ deputies Mustafa Yel and Çiğdem Koncagül, protocol members, Alevi and Bektashi association representatives attended the program.

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