We commemorate our martyrs of Karbala with gratitude, mercy and prayers.

President Erdoğan spoke at the Muharram fast-breaking dinner at Hüseyin Gazi Cemevi.

Expressing his pleasure to be here, Erdoğan recited the verses of the late Alvarlı Muhammet Lütfi Efendi, one of the spiritual leaders, in which he commemorated the martyrs of Karbala.

These verses were sent to the people of the nation, to Karbala, to Hz. Expressing that it reflects his view of Hussein’s martyrdom, Erdogan said, “Above all, at the center of our faith and belief is unconditional devotion to Allah and His Messenger, as well as loving everyone who is his friend and ummah. It is a duty that is fixed by the authentic hadiths.” he said.

Tirmidhi, one of the leading hadith scholars, The Prophet said, “Love Allah for giving you sustenance, love me because you love Allah, and love my family because you love me.” Stating that he stated that he said:

“According to what is reported in Muslim, the Prophet said shortly after his death, ‘O people, be careful, I am a human being, the death envoy of my Lord will come and I will respond to him and leave you. I am leaving you two precious entrusted with the law. First, Allah It is the book of Allah. There is light and guidance in it. Hold tight to Allah’s book, engage with it, learn about it, teach it, and understand its provisions. The second trust is my Ahl al-Bayt. I remind you to fear Allah about my Ahl al-Bayt.’ And then, unfortunately, this command of our Master the Prophet was violated in Karbala, leaving a pain in our hearts that will not go away until the Day of Judgment. Yes, we commemorate our master Hussein and his friends with mourning on the occasion of the 1342th anniversary of the Karbala incident. We commemorate them with gratitude, mercy and prayers for leaving behind the morality of fighting.”

Explaining that this event, which caused deep fractures in the Islamic world, took place in 61 A.H. and 680 A.D., Erdoğan continued his words as follows:

“Hazrat Hussein and his friends, who fought the greatest and most difficult struggle in the history of humanity, are an example for everyone without exception in the struggle for rights and justice. Our nation, which has been honored with Islam nearly 100 years after this event, has developed a unique stance regarding the Karbala incident, and showed the love of the people of the people to the highest level. “The main reason for this stance is our close ties to our faith and our deep respect for the law of the Prophet and his family. Another reason that determines our nation’s view of Karbala is our ability to stand by the oppressed and the just.”

Stating that the motto in Mehmet Akif Ersoy’s lines “I can’t applaud the oppressor, I can never love the oppressor” is one of the basic principles of the Turkish nation’s Muslim history for more than a thousand years, Erdoğan said, “Another aspect of our national stance regarding the Karbala incident is to give thanks to Hz. and to those who are a cause and a tool. These are two important aspects of the job. As a matter of fact, in our history, the oppressors who were the cause and tool of Karbala are remembered with hatred, while their names are not even mentioned. Evaluating the event of Karbala with such a tawhid stance is not a means of separation for us, on the contrary, it is a means of unity and solidarity. ” made its assessment.

Erdoğan stated that the love of the people of the state is clearly seen not only in mourning, mourning, and in the traditions and customs of Muharram, but also in many examples from the past to the present.

In Kutadgu Bilig, one of the first Turkish Islamic works written by Yusuf Has Hacip and containing advice to the rulers of the period, President Erdoğan said, “Some of the people you will have relations with other than servants and chiefs are from the Prophet’s generation. If you respect them, you will attain the state and happiness. “Love them wholeheartedly, take care of them and help them. These are the ahl al-bayt, the auspicious of the prophet. O brother, love them for the sake of the beloved prophet.” told what it said. Erdogan said:

“Yes, we love the ahlibeyt for the sake of Allah, for the prophet’s right, and we protect him with our respect. The Seljuk Sultan Melikşah also visited Atebati Aliye with his famous vizier Nizamülmülk. The Seljuk rulers, especially Hz. Ali and Hz. Hüseyin, repaired the tombs of the elders of the ehlibeyt. The Ottomans, who dominated the lands where Atebat Aliye is located after the Seljuks, have always fulfilled the requirements of their respect for the people with their work in Najaf and Karbala. We remember and will continue to remember it with this understanding. May my Lord keep our unity forever.”

“In the moment of unity when we need it most…”

Speaking to the journalists after the fast-breaking meal, Hüseyin Gazi Foundation for Culture and Arts President Mehmet Ali Ayyıldız said that there was participation from almost all over Turkey, and that about 90 people, including 16 Alevi grandparents, attended the iftar.

Ayyıldız explained that dirges were read, prayer for bites was made and bites were consumed during the performance.

Stating that they did not make any demands for the fast-breaking meal, Ayyıldız stated that they had expressed their expectation that the cemevis would be given the status of places of worship to President Erdoğan before entering the dervish lodge.

Ayyıldız told President Erdoğan that the Alevis who came to Hüseyin Gazi Tomb wanted to visit the cave on the hill, but they could not visit it because it is a military zone, and President Erdoğan instructed Minister of Interior Süleyman Soylu and Minister of Culture and Tourism Mehmet Nuri Ersoy on this subject. recorded it. Mehmet Ali Ayyıldız, “I hope that we will open the Hüseyin Gazi cave to both Ankara residents and all our Alevi citizens in Turkey in the near future.” said.

Rıza Solak, one of the participants, stated that the iftar was very good and President Erdoğan gave a very nice speech on unity and solidarity.

Solak said, “May Allah be pleased with our President a thousand times, for giving us food in the cemevi at the moment of unity when we need it most these days.” he said.

Visit to family at tea invitation

On the other hand, after leaving the cemevi, President Erdoğan visited a family in Mamak who invited him to tea.

Visiting Bahadır Çaşmaz’s house, President Erdoğan drank tea and chatted with the residents.

Erdogan also greeted the citizens who were waiting for him on the street and showing love.

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