We demand an account of the attacks on our cemevis to the end.

Vice President Fuat Oktayparticipated in the Yas-ı Grief Fasting Program organized by the Governorship of Istanbul at the Istanbul Archeology Museum on the occasion of Muharram.

He said that on the 10th of Muharram, the repentance of Prophet Adam was accepted, that Prophet Musa was saved from the oppression of Pharaoh, and that Noah’s ship anchored in the month of Muharram.

Oktay continued his speech as follows:

“Along with all this, Muharram is an occasion to understand the pain of the sayyid of the martyrs Hussein and all the people of Karbala, and to bring our hearts closer to their holy memory. His grandson, Hazrat Hussein, whom the Prophet kissed and smelled as “my basil in the world”, was martyred along with 72 people from the Ehlibayt. The incident of Karbala took place in this month. Karbala is the common heartache of those of us who believe in Allah and His Messenger and imprint the love of the people of the people in their hearts. This abominable incident is a lesson and an incident of truth, and those who caused Karbala have been condemned in the conscience of humanity, regardless of sect or creed.”

Emphasizing that in addition to the sadness, grief and mourning of this painful event, it should not be forgotten that the fact that Hussein left a lesson to all humanity by sacrificing his life with his blessed blood should not be forgotten, Oktay said that Hazrat Hussein set out for the rule of right, truth, peace and tranquility on earth. He stated that he did not consent to oppression on his way out, and that he never remained a bystander to injustice.

Oktay stated that the exemplary lessons and wisdom that Karbala contains shows the value of unity and the importance of protecting brotherhood and staying away from discord and discord, and said:

“With the legacy and lesson left by Karbala, neither our saints nor our people can be the starting point of separation. However, today, conflicts, blood and tears have surrounded the Islamic world. Subcontracted organizations such as DAESH, FETO, Al-Qaeda, PKK, DHKP-C, Boko Haram and Al-Shabaab are fueling strife against peace. In Kabul, Baghdad, Homs or Idlib, as the innocent die, those who feed on terror and uncertainty gain, and hopes for the future of the Islamic world are damaged.

Especially the conflicts in our region is a humanitarian crisis with no winner, where everyone, whether Turkish, Kurdish, Arab, Shiite, Sunni, Alevi or Nusayri, loses together. The current situation in the Islamic geography is not a sight that neither Hussein, nor Hasan, nor Aliyyül Murteza, nor the Messenger of Allah, may approve of. In such a landscape, Turkey has been and will continue to be the pioneer of stability in the region against uncertainties and peace against conflicts. Our duty today is to understand Karbala, whose price was paid with the blood of the people of the people, and reflect its wisdom to our day, without allowing new ones to be added to our wounds that have not healed for 14 centuries.”

Stating that while people are being persecuted and innocent civilians are being massacred all over the world, Oktay stated that it is the duty of the people to understand Karbala correctly and to take a stance like Hazrat Hussein in the face of injustices. “It is in our hands to be vigilant against those who desire new Karbalas to occur in our geography. It is in our hands to nullify all the efforts of those who try to sow ethnic origin and sectarian strife on these lands whose pulp is kneaded with brotherhood.” used the phrases.

Referring to the attacks on the cemevis, Oktay said, “We are asking for the account of the attacks on our cemevis with a dirty provocation, in the spirit of unity and solidarity. We will go to the end, no matter where it goes or whoever goes. We won’t let it go.” he said.

Stating that the perpetrators of the attack on Kartal Cemevi Foundation President Selami Sarıtaş will be brought to justice, Oktay wished Sarıtaş “get well soon”.

Expressing that they will always be against such mentalities that aim at unity and solidarity, Oktay concluded his speech as follows:

“The old Turkey is no more. We will not leave the square empty of the ruins of the old Turkey, nor the doomsayers, be happy. We have not allowed anyone to divide us, divide us and harm our brotherhood; we will not. We will take a lesson from Karbala and embrace it, and we will make the friend happy, not the enemy.”

“Those who try to sow discord among us will never succeed”

Istanbul Governor Ali Yerlikaya also stated that he condemned the attack on Kartal Cemevi Foundation President Selami Sarıtaş in his speech and said, “Those who try to sow discord among us, those who attack our unity, our well-being and our brotherhood, should know that they will never be successful and will never go unpunished before the law.” he said.

Emphasizing the importance of Kerbala, Yerlikaya said, “It has been 1342 years since Karbala, which is heavy as lead in our hearts. Centuries have passed, neither our pain nor our mourning is over. In every inch of this land, in the most remote village of ours, in every soul that carries a heart in its chest, the same mourning echoes. The flowing time did not ease this pain. Our hearts are still in Karbala. Hazrat Ali says, “A believer’s smile is on his face, and his sadness is in his heart.” Today, while we remember that great mourning around this table, we console each other. Just as we share our bites at our tables, we also share our pain and happiness. We share it too.” said.

Presidential Spokesperson İbrahim Kalın, grandfathers of cemevis, heads of convents and citizens attended the event.

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