We will never allow those who try to bring discord between us.

Şentop attended the Muharram iftar program organized by the Cem Foundation in Yenibosna at Pir Hoca Ahmet Yesevi Cem Cultural Center.

Şentop, who started his speech with the wishes of “get well soon” to Cem Foundation President Izzettin Doğan, who could not attend the program because of Kovid, said that many people spend this month in worship in order to benefit from the spiritual climate of Muharram.

Reminding that the first day of Muharram is also the first day of the Hijri year, Şentop referred to the Karbala incident and said, “Unfortunately, this brutality that took place on that day caused a deep division between Muslims. A great deal of evil has been committed throughout history. However, Islam advises us to live in unity, brotherhood and solidarity on the basis of the belief in unity. It has ordered us to bring us closer to each other not by blood ties, but by heart ties.” he said.

Şentop pointed out that such meetings, which are the sign of brotherhood in every Ramadan and Muharram months, are malicious people who start from the first day of Muharram and aim to open a conflict area, and stated that he finds this year’s iftar meetings much more important in terms of the response given to them.

Şentop continued his speech as follows:

“We are members of Islam, which literally means peace and well-being. It has become more valuable and indispensable than ever for us to walk in unity, drawing strength from our similarities and partnerships. It is easy to find an excuse to start a conflict. Those who have treacherous ambitions in our country seem more eager than ever to put these excuses on the stage. “We can only destroy their dirty scenarios together. Our greatest feature against all kinds of enemies has been to strengthen our unity. We have to be vigilant and not fall into the traps of those who have bad intentions against our country. Brotherhood, peace and unity give us the strength to defeat all kinds of enemies.

The balance of power in the world is changing and a new world is being established. Humanity is forced to live on a more slippery ground. This will continue for a while. It looks like this. There are those who understand that they cannot destroy us with their political games, those who have big gains from small differences, those who try to bring discord among us and weaken us, we will never allow this. Our determination for unity and togetherness is an unshakable part of our character.”

“I curse those who planned and carried out these attacks”

Referring to the attacks on three separate funerals in Ankara on 30 July and the attack on Kartal Cemevi President Selami Sarıtaş, Şentop said that he called him and wished him “get well soon”.

Sentop said:

“I curse those who planned and carried out these attacks. I am sure that they will receive the punishment they deserve. Even though we, as the state, are able to forgive the evil done to our individuals, we will not compromise in the slightest in our determination to punish the evil done to our togetherness. I also thank the Alevi and Bektashi Associations for their prudent press release. “Those who try to gather power over ethnic differences and play with fire think that Turkey is still the old Turkey. We have full faith that the poor people who think they will harm Turkey by breaking our brotherhood and creating discord will be caught and punished by this state, no matter which hole they hide in.”

Underlining that those who once destroyed Turkey’s beautiful children and human resources by saying right-wing-leftist, Alevi-Sunni, Turkish-Kurdish, have to understand that history will not repeat itself, Şentop emphasized that Turkey is a very big country, far beyond the visible borders.

Şentop said that Turkey is always on the alert against all kinds of traps.

Speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey Mustafa Şentop stated that everyone should know that nothing but brotherhood and solidarity will emerge from Turkey and concluded his speech as follows:

“In order to understand Karbala, it is not enough to be Alevi, Bektashi or Sunni, but to be human and to draw conclusions from this event in the name of human values. It is necessary to talk about brotherhood and universal love for those who lived while telling the legacy of Hazrat Hussein, who is the epitome of right, justice and good morals to future generations. Ashura is a call to unity and sharing. To understand Karbala properly, to aspire to justice, truth and to be a good person. I hope that the month of Muharram will bring united and encompassing beauties to our nation, to the whole Islamic world, whose hearts are surrounded by the love of Ahl al-Bayt, and to our world in need of peace. “

“Those who attack our unity and brotherhood will never go unpunished”

Istanbul Governor Ali Yerlikaya also said in his speech that many troubles have been overcome in the lands where they have lived together for centuries, but the unity and brotherhood continues.

Stating that the biggest secret of social peace is love, Yerlikaya stated that they strongly condemned the attack on Kartal Cemevi Foundation President Selami Sarıtaş in front of his house, and said, “I would like to reiterate here that those who attack our peace, unity, peace and brotherhood will never and never be punished before the law. They will never be able to sprout seeds of discord in the hearts of our beloved nation.” he said.

Fener Greek Patriarch Bartholomew, on the other hand, condemned the attack on the President of the Kartal Cemevi Foundation and used the following statements in his speech:

“Especially our Honorable President, our Vice President Fuat Oktay and all Turkish people condemn it. We live in the 21st century. Our Turkey is a country that is close to the West. We are members of a civilized society. Why should this happen. Some 80 graves have been broken in the Jewish cemetery recently. Again, we ask ourselves, why don’t we leave the dead alone. Why do we disturb the living? Why do we cause such sadness to our dear and precious souls, in these Muharram days? The Greek community is sad these days. Because our hospital burned down.

The event was attended by Bahçelievler Mayor Hakan Bahadır, members of the Cem Foundation and citizens.

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