We’re home experts and have five amazing uses for washing up liquid – it can even fix creaky doors

IT’S a kitchen staple that everyone counts on to get their dishes and utensils sparkling clean.

But did you know that washing up liquid also has lots of other surprising uses that could come in very handy around the home? 

Washing up liquid has other hidden uses


Washing up liquid has other hidden usesCredit: Getty

The experts at Which? have uncovered five of the best alternative ways that you can use the popular product that’s stored under our sinks.

According to them, “washing up liquid can work its magic in your bathroom and on your carpet – it can even fix a creaky door.”

What’s more, it’s also a purse-friendly alternative to expensive cleaning products on the market and will do just as good a job.

The first method they tried and tested was to see how it stood up against other stain remover products.

Whether it’s a nasty stain on clothes, or a mark on the carpet in your home, Which? said washing up liquid mixed with some warm water will help to get it out and make it look good as new. 

The same can be said when it comes to your garden furniture, as the experts maintain that when you wipe it down with washing up liquid and water, it transforms it from grubby to great.

The mixture can also be used to clean both your bathroom and windows as it helps fight against grime and build-up.

In your bathroom, you can use on your toilet, shower or sink as you would any other product.

While it can be used on windows alongside a soft sponge. The cleaning pros then suggest using a “window squeegee to clear off the excess” and “a microfibre cloth once dry for a streak-free finish.”

But perhaps the most surprising of all is that washing up liquid can even be used to help fix creaky doors.

Which? said: “Believe it or not, washing-up liquid can actually help you sort creaky doors – no WD-40 is required.

“Just a blob or two of the soapy stuff on your squeaky hinge should suffice, then simply open and close the door a few times to lubricate the joint and the noise should subside.”

Washing up liquid and warm water can be used all around the home - and even in the garden


Washing up liquid and warm water can be used all around the home – and even in the gardenCredit: Getty

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