What is in the agreement between Turkey and Russia?

In a statement from the Kremlin regarding the meeting between President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Russian President Putin, it was reported that the parties agreed to strengthen energy and economic cooperation.

In the statement, it was stated that the leaders agreed to “strengthen trade” and “meet mutual expectations in the economy and energy” between the two countries.

In the joint statement released, “The leaders reaffirmed their determination to act in solidarity and coordination in the fight against all terrorist organizations in Syria.” it was said.

Russian natural gas will be partially bought in rubles

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Aleksandr Novak stated that an agreement has been reached on a partial transition to rubles in natural gas trade payments between Turkey and Russia and that they will gradually switch to national currencies.

Stating that important results were obtained from the talks, Novak said, “Very important decisions were taken today within the framework of the negotiations that took the development of our relations in trade, economy and almost all sectors to a new level.” said.

Recalling the instructions given by the Turkish and Russian leaders to increase the trade volume between the two countries to $100 billion, Novak said that necessary steps were taken to simplify the procedures necessary to increase the volume in question.

Novak pointed out that cooperation between Russia and Turkey will develop especially in the fields of transportation, industry, agriculture, tourism and information technologies.

Stating that it was decided to take an important step regarding the natural gas trade between Russia and Turkey, Novak said:

“The issue of natural gas, which is shipped to Turkey in a very significant volume, at the level of 26 billion cubic meters per year, was discussed. The leaders agreed during the negotiations that natural gas deliveries will be partially paid in rubles. We are talking about gradually switching to national currencies, and at the first stage some supplies are Russian. to be paid in rubles.”

Novak stated that the Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant was also discussed in the meeting between the two leaders, and that the project will become operational in 2023.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, in a statement before meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, said he hopes he will “turn a different page” in the relations between the two countries. Putin, on the other hand, stated that the European partners should be grateful to Turkey for ensuring the uninterrupted passage of Russian natural gas.

Speaking to the press before the meeting, Putin stated that he hopes to sign an agreement with Turkey to strengthen economic cooperation. “I hope to sign a memorandum here today to strengthen our trade and economic relations,” Putin said. said.

The joint statement regarding the meeting of President Erdogan and Russian President Putin stated the following:

  • “The leaders reaffirmed their determination to act in solidarity and coordination in the fight against all terrorist organizations in Syria.”
  • “The two leaders confirmed that constructive relations between the two countries played a role in reaching the Istanbul Agreement on the transport of grain and food from Ukraine.”
  • “The leaders pointed out the importance of sincere, frank and trust-based relations between Turkey and Russia in terms of establishing regional and international stability.”
  • “The two leaders underlined the need for full implementation in accordance with the letter and spirit of the Istanbul Agreement, including the uninterrupted export of raw materials necessary for Russia’s production of grain, fertilizer and fertilizer.”

Putin thanks Turkey for grain shipment

In his speech, Putin thanked Turkey for its contribution to the agreement enabling Ukraine to export grain abroad. “Thanks to your direct and mediation with the UN Secretary-General, the problem with the shipment of Ukrainian grain from Ukrainian ports in the Black Sea has been resolved,” Putin said. said.

Stating that Russian food products and fertilizers are opened to the world in this way, Putin said, “This is a very sensitive issue, especially for developing countries. These countries are on the verge of serious problems with the shipment of food products and fertilizers. Decisions like these, taken with your participation, are important for all these countries. Thank you for that.” he said.

Putin: Europe should be grateful to Turkey

Stating that Turkey plays an important role in the transportation of Russian natural gas to Europe, Putin said, “European partners should be grateful to Turkey for ensuring the uninterrupted transit of Russian gas.” said.

Putin stated that there are many strategic projects carried out by the two countries.

Recalling the Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant and projects on energy, Putin continued: “I would also like to note that the TurkStream natural gas project line, the construction of which we completed a while ago, has become one of the important lines that transport Russian natural gas to Europe. TurkStream, Unlike the lines that send natural gas to other directions, it continues to operate regularly and completely. It does not only deliver natural gas to Turkey, but also transfers our gas to Europe and consumers. Europe should be grateful to Turkey for the uninterrupted flow of natural gas from Russia “

Stating that regional issues, especially the Syrian crisis, will be discussed in his meeting with Erdogan, Putin said, “Turkey makes a serious contribution to the normalization of the situation here.”

Erdogan, on the other hand, stated that he hopes his meeting with Putin will open a different page in the relations between Russia and Turkey, and said that the delegations of the two countries had very productive meetings, especially on issues such as trade and tourism.

Erdogan to Putin: Addressing developments in Syria will bring relief to the region

Regarding his meeting with Putin, Erdogan said, “I believe that we should specifically address the developments in Syria on this occasion, and it will also bring relief to the region.” said.

Referring to the issue of the fight against terrorism, Erdoğan said, “Our solidarity in the fight against terrorism is of great importance and I believe that the steps we will take and the talks we will take on this issue will gain strength. Again today, of course, the eyes of the world are on Sochi. ‘I wonder what they discussed in Sochi, what did they do?’ They’re following here. The answers to be given to them after these meetings that we will hold will guide them in a certain direction,” he said.

In his speech, “The issue of Akkuyu is of great importance.” Erdogan said:

“The fact that we bring the Akkuyu issue to a point with you in the field of energy today will not allow us to postpone the process in Akkuyu by really evaluating it in a certain place and making a decision. Because it is of great importance that the determined calendar works and that Akkuyu is completed at the specified time. Akkuyu Power Plant will handle 10% of the energy potential in the supply of energy and I believe that it will be beneficial for us to have a detailed discussion on this issue. I would like to express my satisfaction for having such an opportunity today.” said.

Noting that the meetings held by the delegations of both countries in Turkey were fruitful, Erdogan said, “They discussed many issues in the political, economic and commercial fields, and I believe that now we put an end to this issue after these issues, it will open a very different page in Turkey-Russia relations. Both in energy and in the Black Sea line, the steps taken here in agriculture and grain, the negotiations made in tourism, the steps taken in relation to transportation, as well as some steps in the region, these are the steps taken by our delegations, but we also have this bilateral meeting with Turkey and Russia today. It is very important in terms of revealing the role played by Turkey in the region.” he said.

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