What’s the secret to making good ramen?

Indian immigrant Dubai resident Neha Mishra spent 15 years working as a producer before following her appetite for an entirely new career.

A ramen lover studied the art of preparing broth, ‘tare’ and noodles, and then started inviting people over for dinner. The demand for ramen was so high that he set up a regular dinner club in his home.

He called it ‘A Food Story’ and it was a happy ending sales success. After finally feeding nearly 7,000 people for three years, Neha realized it was time for a bigger kitchen and started Kinoya’s The Greens, a green suburb of Dubai.

Combining her signature shoyu (soy) ramen with beef, Neha starts with protein that quickly slices a plump and juicy steak cooked in soy sauce; “There’s a little sweetness from soy. And cooked quite raw; medium-rare. I like to serve it that way in the bowl, as the broth will continue to cook the meat.”

Then, “If you want to evaluate a good bowl of ramen from a technical standpoint, always look to the egg. If an egg is cooked well, you know your bowl is probably being considered,” says Neha.

According to Neha, who is proof of her golden skills, the perfect egg is boiled at room temperature for a full six minutes, then immersed in an ice bath for five to 10 minutes. After cooling, the shell is removed and the egg is placed in a soy and mirin bath and soaked overnight to give the eggs a caramel color.

The broth and noodles are the first ingredient to add to the ramen bowl, before the sliced ​​meat, eggs, and scallions are added. And with the finishing touch added, a simple nori seaweed leaf nestled like a feather in a lid should still be steaming out of the bowl.

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