When the water pipe burst in the İSKİ excavation, the houses and workplaces were flooded.

While İSKİ teams working in Bahçelievler Mahallesi Mahmutbey Yolu Nergiz Sokak were digging the road with a construction machine, the water pipe exploded.

The water gushing up to about 12 meters entered some homes and businesses in the surrounding area. Citizens tried to evacuate the water that filled their houses and balconies with buckets. The belongings of the residents of the apartment and the products of the shopkeepers on the street were damaged. There was also damage to the facades and balconies of some buildings.

Aggrieved citizens, whose belongings and electrical installation of their house got wet, had to lower the switches by taking precautions for electric current.

It was stated that the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) teams will carry out damage assessment work in the region tomorrow.

“What they are doing is nothing but cruelty”

Murat Özcan, who lives on the third floor of the apartment at the street entrance, said that İSKİ worked in the same place two weeks ago.

Özcan said, “İSKİ has been working for 15 days. First, they came here, laid the pipes and closed them. They paved it well. Then they came again, they pierced the asphalt, they blew the water pipe. The water went up to 12 meters. I live on the third floor. I live on the third floor. happened.” he said.

Expressing that they asked the fire department for help to evacuate the water, Özcan said that when they received a negative response, they carried out the evacuation with buckets.

Noting that the IMM teams informed them that an appraisal will be made for damage assessment, Özcan said, “The engineers said that they will bring an expertise here tomorrow. Right now, I cannot turn on my boiler or my electricity. I have electricity, but I cannot turn it on, even water came from the sockets. Water, like my balcony, is falling on the concrete. “There is water inside the computer, phone, bed, and my books, and there is no place to get wet. All my flooring is gone, my books are gone, water is flowing even from the television receiver right now. We’ll see what happens when the appraisal comes tomorrow.” he said.

Reacting to the fact that İSKİ’s work on the street was not finished, Özcan said, “My flat and a lower floor suffered the most damage. They also had water coming from the electrical outlets. We evacuated that place as well, we evacuated this place as well.” said.

“What they did in this heat is nothing but cruelty.” Özcan said, “We dried some places, but I can’t eat at home. I came back from work, I came straight to the water explosion. Right now, I only dried the sockets of one room, we use that place. We will need electricity when it gets dark.”

Emphasizing that they will have to spend the night without electricity, Özcan said, “I have two children at home. How can I take the risk and turn on the electricity? If a cable were to burn inside, I would not only threaten my house, but the building.” used his statements.

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