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In one of the Linkedin posts this week, the young software company owner was recounting his job interview memory. As I understand from the video, this was not the first time, a private university graduate inexperienced computer engineer wants 15 thousand TL as a starting fee, says that working from home will be suitable for him, and also demands private insurance and other fringe benefits. If you hire me, he says, “I don’t know any programming language yet, so I need training, and I want these trainings to be covered by the employer.”

These examples are no longer surprising, as an article I read recently mentioned a similar employer complaint from Europe. She receives this response from a new employee who she stated would be appropriate to be in the office during her customer visit, “thanks for our feedback, but I prefer to work from home.” It has become almost normal for the younger generation of employees to turn off their cameras during meetings and hardly say a word (except maybe “exactly”).

There is always a percentage that I see as an employer, that produces employees and takes responsibility, these people make a difference very quickly and in a company that appreciates this, they immediately leave their competitors. But when I talk to new employees, I sometimes feel that what I’m saying flows into a void, sitting there loosely, listening and then gets up and leaves without taking any notes. The majority of people who have no idea that they should make a contribution to the organization they work for also come out of this prototype.

Generation Z is coming with their demands!

Even the 90s generation, who are still in their late 20’s and early 30’s, will be called “backward” in the eyes of Generation Z. Especially with the start of the business life of Generation Z, this situation will become clear. This generation, which is known to be quite different from the last few generations that came before it, also comes with very different demands in business life.

Under normal circumstances, we would have found it surprising, even ridiculous, that a person would demand an expert-level salary for their first job experience. Of course, we need to take into account the high inflation in our country when evaluating this situation, and when we look at it from here, it seems like it will be a little difficult for us to get out of the business.

Besides the high salary, Gen Z actually likes fringe benefits more. It would not be wrong to say that Generation Z, which is strongly supported by their families, also determines the Human Resources trends. While some professionals are just beginning to understand the concept of “employee experience” that has entered our lives, many companies have already taken actions for the first step of the employee experience and continue to plan steps to increase the employee experience. In order to attract the attention of Generation Z, many companies do their best to “pamper” their employees.

Generation Z, who is not willing to establish an emotional connection with the workplace, may quit their job “with a bang”. Because – in general – he has a family to support him. For parents whose child’s working in an “insured job” was even more important than the salary; now, only the happiness, comfort and comfort of the child is important. Of course, time will tell whether this situation is good or bad.

What should I give my brother?

Valuing and showing value are two different things. You can be the greatest lover in the world, but if the other party does not know about this love, unfortunately, it will be a platonic love and you will not be able to “show” your love. Valuation is just like that. It is good to value the employee, of course, being able to “show” this value to the other party is even better. However, it should not be ignored that this situation is open to abuse between employer and employee.

The following correspondence is ordinary in group correspondence between Human Resources professionals:

  • We gave this on holidays, on special days in the new year, what else can we give?
  • How can we entertain them?
  • How can we make you happy?
  • How can we make them more comfortable?
  • They worked from home, I wonder if they felt a little lonely, there is a generation of tired people who are compelled to be the parents of this generation. While this tired generation works hard and stands on their own feet, the new generations are protected by their families. Job responsibilities can also be left in the lap of managers. Life is a shopping… This shopping is sometimes profitable and sometimes harmful. This “gift” given by Human Resources must have a counterpart, that is, a “buying” so that both parties can be satisfied. And yet, the high inflation, which they were never accustomed to, completely displaced the wage perception of this segment, there is a tendency to transfer inflation to the employer, but economic realities always prevent this trend from responding. While Generation Z has such different demands, these demands must also be met. So far, they have little mutual experience with other generations in business life. Let’s see where Generation Z will stand in a few years.
  • “Pandemic” salt and pepper to Generation Z in business life
  • In our article, we have often mentioned that Generation Z is the most diverse generation of the last decades. When the pandemic measures coincided with almost the same period with the start of the business life of the Z Generation, things got mixed up. During this period, almost all white-collar workers continued their working life with remote or hybrid working models. With the effect of the pandemic gradually decreasing, the return to the office started to increase. It has started, but Generation Z doesn’t seem to be too happy about it. Normally crowded offices prefer the hybrid model. A newcomer may not be able to find a good synergy in this situation. An office environment with relatively low synergy and few co-workers does not appeal to Generation Z.

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