Within the scope of TARSİM, 12.7 billion liras of state premium support was provided.

AA correspondent, with the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry TARSİMAccording to the information he obtained from Turkey, with the Agricultural Insurance Law enacted in 2005, producers losses in the face of natural disasters. TARSİM was established in order to compensate for this, to ensure sustainability in agriculture and to prevent migration from the village to the city.

While the amount of premium support to be provided by the state in terms of risks, regions and business scales at TARSİM is determined by the President’s Decision every year, the state premium support allows manufacturers to take out insurance in return for an appropriate payment.

Operating in a total of 8 branches, TARSİM’s state premium support rate is 50 percent in all branches, 66.7 percent in frost risk premium for fruits grown in open fields and oil roses, and 70 percent in village-based drought yield insurance (for the year 2022).

Since the establishment of TARSİM, the insurance rates continue to increase. The size of the insured area, the number of policies and the amount of premiums collected increase every year. In 2021, the insured area increased by 7 percent compared to the previous year to 28.7 million decares, the number of policies increased by 12.6 percent to 2.5 million, and the premium collected increased by 46 percent to 4.6 billion liras.

In the same year, compensation paid to producers affected by natural disasters increased by 107 percent to 2.7 billion liras.

Since the establishment of TARSİM, 19 million 416 thousand 599 policies have been issued, 12.7 billion liras of state premium support has been provided, and 12.3 billion liras of damage compensation has been paid.

1.9 million agricultural insurance policies issued this year

This year, between January 1 and August 17, 1 million 925 thousand 361 agricultural insurance policies were issued, providing 2.7 billion liras of state insurance premium support and 1.3 billion liras of damage compensation paid to producers. In addition, compensation will be paid for the outstanding damage amounting to 1.2 billion liras, for which damage assessment studies are carried out.

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