Women in Kayseri meet in morning sports for a healthy life

Women, including the elderly, gather under the leadership of sports trainers in certain parks in the city center in the morning to live a healthier and fitter life.

Women who participate in the sports activities of Metropolitan Municipality Spor AŞ, which lasted more than 10 years, make new friends.

This year, 7 thousand people participated in the activities, which were carried out with 25 trainers in 8 parks in the city.

Esin Atay, trainer of Spor AŞ, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that he sees the participants in the event more excited and energetic day by day.

Stating that these activities have been going on in different parks in the city for more than 10 years, Atay said:

“Our sport starts at 07.00 and continues until 07.45. At first, women were hesitant to come here, but as time passed, I saw that our numbers increased and they felt better. When they first came, they said that they had pain. “Our elderly people prefer us very often. They don’t want to live in buildings because they are bored at home. I notice that my members are physically, mentally and spiritually younger and look more vigorous.”

Explaining that sports events continue in the parks 6 days a week, Atay said that citizens of all ages participate in these events, but the elderly show more interest.

Fatma Ünal, 65, one of the participants, said that she continues the sport she started in May.

Ünal emphasized that calcification started in his body due to inactivity, but that he saw the benefits of sports.

Stating that they socialized together with sports, Ünal said, “Every part of us got calcified in 80 square meters of houses. We were constantly standing in an 80 square meter apartment like a bird is in a cage. It was very nice, I was very happy. I had calcification, I used to go to spas and the sea, but these happen every year. It happened once, I saw a lot of benefit because the sport was always on.” he said.

“Thank God my pain is gone”

Aybeniz Resulova, 62, stated that she made new friends thanks to sports.

Resulova said, “My sugar did not go below 400 because I used to sit at home all day. Now I always go to the gym. My arms, my head, everywhere ached. Thank God my pain is gone.” she said.

Sevim Hançer, 59, also stated that she has been continuing sports for 3 months, thus leading a better quality of life.

Recommending sports to everyone, Hançer said:

“They said, ‘Why are you leaving, you’re an old woman’. I said, ‘I’m going for my health,’ and I didn’t care. I had a tear on my arm, I couldn’t lift it up, now I can move it well. I’ve dropped from 99 kg to 91 kg. I sleep very well at night.”

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