Work stoppage of railway workers continues in England

England’Members of Railway, Maritime and Transport Syndicate (RMT) and Rail Network Syndicate (Network Rail), which are among the strongest unions of Turkey, The work stoppage started on 15 August by 45 thousand employees continues.

Railroad workers demand increased wages in line with inflation and improved pension rights.

Hundreds of thousands of train passengers, who set out for their long-planned holidays in different parts of the country at the weekend, are forced to change or cancel their plans after waiting for a long time at the terminals.

According to the statement made by the National Train Network (National Rail), only one-fifth of the train services can be made by some private companies in the country.

“We are forgotten like Kovid-19”

A railway employee named Anilla, who participated in the strike, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that they went to a 24-hour work stoppage for the third time during the “national strike week” announced by RMT for August 15-20, demanding improvement in the bad conditions of the employees.

Anilla noted that the government is preparing to cut the conditions of railway workers by a third, and that they are fighting against this together with the union.

Reminding that they worked hard during the Kovid-19 epidemic and were included in the “critical jobs” classification, Anilla said, “We, like Kovid-19, were forgotten.” used the phrase.

James Ball, who came to London, the capital of England, for a holiday from Switzerland, said that he wanted to go to Glasgow, Scotland from Euston Train Station, but witnessed that the reservations were full and some seats were sold to more than one person.

Ball stated that the journey, which should have taken 4.5 hours on the way back from Glasgow to London, took up to 6 hours, and that some passengers traveled standing in the corridors with their bags.

Government harshly criticizes unions

British Transport Secretary Grant Shapps, who said he would not hold any talks with the unions, called for trade union leaders to get out of the way and let workers vote for a new wage proposal.

Foreign Minister Liz Truss, one of the two candidates for the prime minister’s seat in the country, defined the strike decisions of the unions as “militant actions” and stated that she would do her best to prevent similar strikes that would disrupt the country’s economy in the future.

‘Government incites strikes’

London Mayor Sadiq Khan of the opposition Labor Party, who has been critical of the government’s policy, said: “The government’s behavior appears to be deliberately aimed at provoking strikes across the country, as a preliminary step to a law to restrict unions’ right to strike, not only in the transport sector but also in other sectors.” had used the phrase.

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