World Holiday Awards found their owners, 5 hotels from Turkey won 7 awards in Europe

The World Travel Awards organization distributed their awards to the routes in Europe that are the most preferred and most satisfied by domestic and foreign tourists. 5 hotels from Turkey won 7 awards in total.

Some cities and towns in Portugal, Azerbaijan, Greece, Italy and Russia were awarded in 2021 in the competition, where awards for the most adventurous place, the most beautiful beach accommodation and the best city tour have been distributed since 1993.

World Holiday Awards are also distributed for holiday destinations in other continents besides Europe, such as the Americas, Asia, Africa and Oceania. While more than 2 million people voted in 2020, a record was broken in this field in the 28-year history of the organization.

7 hotels from Turkey were awarded

On the other hand, Turkey won a total of 7 awards in the European hotels category of the World Holiday Awards. Europe’s ‘Best City Hotel’ award Conrad Istanbul, Europe’s ‘Best Entertainment and Dining’ accommodation award The Land Of Legends Kingdom Hotel in Antalya’s Belek location is the ‘Best Entertainment’ hotel The award was given to Rixos Sungate in Antalya Beldibi, the ‘European Full Capacity Integrated’ award was given to Antalya-Belek Cornelia Diamond Golf Resort, and the ‘Europe’s Leading Hotel’ award was given to Istanbul Çırağan Palace Kempinski.

The Land Of Legends Kingdom and Cornelia Diamond Golf Resort in Antalya won 2 awards in total.

Euronews has compiled the hotels and cities that won the most prestigious of these awards in Europe for you.

Europe’s most adventurous tourist route: Portugal, Azores Archipelago

The Azores are located on the Atlantic Ocean, exactly 1500 kilometers from the Portuguese mainland. The Azores, chosen as Europe’s most adventurous holiday destination in 2021, won the same award last year.

The Azores received this award, but were also nominated for the Best Diving Spot, Responsible Tourism Award and Best Island Itinerary.

It is not difficult to understand why. It is possible to embark on all kinds of adventures in the Azores, which consists of 9 islands in 3 clusters in total.

You can do many different activities in the Azores, such as whale watching, cave tours, visiting waterfalls on the island, lying in hot rock pools, and enjoying your holiday all day long. There is something to do on these volcanic islands for everyone from seven to seventy-seven.

Europe’s Best Beachfront Hotel: Elounda Beach Hotel and Villas, Greece

Elounda Beach Hotel and Villas, located on the Greek island of Crete, also won the “Best Luxury Villa Hotel” award.

The hotel, which has two different sandy beaches, 5 restaurants, 4 bars, 9 gyms and a luxury spa center in its indoor and outdoor areas, also has a large pool overlooking the sea. The spa center is open 24 hours a day.

Located in the east of the island, the 5-star hotel is 7 kilometers from the historical city of Agios Nikolaos. According to legend, the Greek goddesses Athens and Artemis bathed here.

Best City Tour Destination in Europe: St. Petersburg, Russia

After Moscow, the capital of Russia, the country’s largest city, St. Petersburg has a special significance in the history of the Soviet Union.

You wouldn’t be in St Petersburg without visiting the Hermitage Museum, one of the largest and oldest museums in the world, opened to the public in 1852. In addition, the historical artifacts, fine arts treasures and Roman and Greek antiquities in the Winter Palace are world-famous and are among the must-sees in this city.

In addition, you should not pass without seeing the Pushkinskaya Square, where the independent artists of the city live. st. Petersburg’s metro stations are just like a museum. If you want to visit a museum for the price of a subway ticket, St. Petersburg is for you.

Europe’s Best Cultural Route: Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan, on the shores of Lake Caspian, is the meeting point of different cultures between Europe and Asia.

In this former Soviet country, you can see architectural works of Islamic culture, as well as visit historical places from the Communism period.

Do not go back to your country without drinking tea and pomegranate juice in Azerbaijan. You should definitely try the local Dusbere ravioli, Umaç soup, Tike kebab, young baklava, and delicious stuffed and pilafs.

Let’s not forget that Azerbaijan is a rice country. In the capital Baku, you can taste more than 200 kinds of pilaf and eat interesting stuffing.

Europe’s Greenest Hotel: Naturhotel Leitlhof, Italy

Looking for a place to stay in Europe right in the middle of nature? Then the Naturhotel Leitlhof on the coast of Italy’s famous Dolomite Mountains is just for you.

While the unique mountain view and green garden of Naturhotel Leitlhof fascinate you, the facility, which uses 100% sustainable energy, does not generate greenhouse gases for heating or electricity in any way.

Since the water used in the hotel is obtained from thermal springs, there is no hot water problem anyway. The entire system of the hotel is connected to the solar panel plant installed in the surrounding area.

All food offered to customers at the hotel consists of local flavors. The hotel is grazing on its own pasture for meat dishes. The head chef of the hotel is the famous chef Markus Auer.

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