Zelenskiy said the situation on the Donetsk front is still serious

ZelenskyExpressing that today is “Ukraine Air Force Day”, in the message he shared on his Telegram account, Russian attacks He stated that the air force was operating effectively to prevent it.

Zelenskiy, who stated that he had a phone call with the President of the European Union (EU) Council, Charles Michel, shared that they were evaluating the developments related to the war with him.

Stating that they discussed the latest developments about Zaporizhia, the largest nuclear power plant in Europe, with Michel, Zelenskiy accused Russia of organizing attacks against this power plant.

Zelenskiy pointed out that the attacks on the Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant pose a great danger not only to Ukraine, but also to the world, “Therefore, a strong reaction of the international community to these attacks of Russia against the Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant, which is the largest in Europe. needed.” said.

Developments on the front

In his speech, Zelenskiy also touched upon the latest developments in the eastern fronts of his country and stated that the situation is heavy, especially in the direction of Donetsk and Kharkiv.

Pointing out that the situation in the Donetsk region has been severe so far, Zelenskiy said that the Ukrainian army continues to stop the Russian attacks here at the cost of “many lives”.

President of Ukraine,DonbasThe situation in is still very serious. “Our army is doing everything possible to stop Russian terrorism and inflict the greatest possible casualties on the invaders,” he said.

Stating that the Russian forces are intensifying to increase the attacks against Kharkiv, Zelenskiy stated that there are also violent clashes here.

“We need weapons to defend ourselves”

Emphasizing that the Ukrainian army needs more weapons in the ongoing war against Russia in his country, Zelenskiy said, “We are working every day and without interruption to increase the supply of weapons to send more powerful and long-range systems to the front. And we expect news about support packages from our partners next week. . Good news.” he said.

Pointing out that illegal preparations continue for the so-called referendums in the territory of Ukraine, which Russia controls, Zelenskiy said, “I want to say a very simple thing: Anyone who helps the invaders in any way will be punished. They will be held accountable to Ukraine.” said.

Zelenskiy argued that by holding illegal so-called referendums on the territory of Ukraine, Russia will lose any chance of negotiating with the Kyiv administration and other countries of the world, adding, “The Russian side will definitely need (negotiations) after a certain period of time.” used the phrase.

Hollywood actress Jessica Chastain in Kiev

Zelenskiy stated that he met with Hollywood actress, US actress Jessica Chastain in Kiev today, and said that Chastain visited Irpin and other cities affected by the war in the Kyiv region as part of his visit to Ukraine.

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